Little Marya Morevna

Maya grishanowitch mary baby dressface hq trim
Maya grishanowitch marya baby rasklanda sm
Dress Variations
Maya grishanowitch marya faces metamorph hq
Marya at different ages
Maya grishanowitch wip babymarya choosedress
Dress Preliminary sketches
Maya grishanowitch mary baby dressface closeup1
Close-up (face)
Maya grishanowitch mary baby dressface closeup2
Close-up (toy)

A II part of visual development of Marya Morevna from the 'Deathless' by Catherynne M. Valente.

Originally, I though to include a wolf design - Morevna's unspoken "sigil" according to the book - into a dress pattern, but a more suitable solution came to my mind, which both stay true to the source and underline the young age. A toy wolf. At the turn of the 20th century, apart from classic teddy bears, there were lambs, elephants and even pretty eerie monkeys. Seeing such a variety of stuffed menagerie, it is possible to muse over that there might be a wolf. If not… where if not in a faerie tale may impossible became possible?