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Viy's army

Part I of a visual development of Svetlana Tikhonovna, a representative of Viy's army, from the 'Deathless' by Catherynne M. Valente.
I solemnly swear that I had not Rops' femme fatale in mind, while painting the concept. He just…leaked through death, fur and 19th century ballerinas-beauties. The star is 5-ended for a Kitsch reason - a reference to Soviets, no offence intended. (Soviets plus Rops is a certain irony in itself), for if you follow the plot closely there are no bad and good sides. urthermore a short note of pride - I struggled, but slowly but surely I am getting more comfortable with hands and folds. And I officials love painting fur, hair and frozen half-dead characters.

Maya grishanowitch viysarmy front sm

Front view

Maya grishanowitch viysarmy face closeup

Frozen 'makeup'

Maya grishanowitch st colourchoice

Preliminary sketches

Maya grishanowitch wip choosestar

Star variations