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Slavic Folklore Challenge | Kikimora

Kikimora - a creature of contrasts. According to some beliefs, she is shy, appearing only at night, while others describe her as a noisy demon, capable of driving a family out of the house. She helps hardworking ones, taking care of the children and spinning at night…or torments chickens and spoils all weaving, done at day. Weaving is her favourite pastime; however it is sometimes claimed that her work is enthusiastic, yet no good, being matted and twisted. She is usually described as small and shaggy. The snail ‘horns’ are not universally mentioned, yet I like the idea, because the silhouette reminds of a traditional Russian female headdress ‘kicka’, which may serve as an origin of kikimora’s title. Among other versions are words 'screeching' (кыкать) or 'doing something stealthily' (шишать). There is a controversial short story, describing kikimoras' hardships and misunderstanding, by Orest Somov.

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