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Slavic Folklore Challenge | Poludnitsa

A spirit of the fields, shaped as a maiden dressed in white. She punishes those who work in the fields at the wrong time with a sun-stroke. Sometimes she sets for asking the perpetrator riddles, until the the person is driven to insanity; haunts mischievous children, who trample the crops. The eyes are an artistic liberty, inspired by an old soviet International Women Day postcard. Noonwraith loses petals every time a victim bests her at a game of riddles.

Maya grishanowitch vasilek closeup
Maya grishanowitch nonwraith headpieces raskladka

Headdress variations. The pattern is Underworld Sun, that illuminates the world of the dead. 6-pointed rays, placed in a circle, symbolise the ‘wide world’, while an incomplete circle underlines a dark nature of a noonwraith

Maya grishanowitch nonwraith eyes raskladka

Combining the eye and the bloom. 2c was chosen as the most ‘easily readable’ (veins and stems were omitted, due to being invisible from a distance)

Maya grishanowitch nonwraith eyesp2 raskladka

Flower variations. Cornflower, meadow geranium, agrostemma, henbane, field poppy

Maya grishanowitch nonwraith figuresflowers

The finalists - cornflower, agrostemma and field poppy

Maya grishanowitch nonwraith poppy sm