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Creature Design - Demonic

Some sketches and concepts of ‘demonic enemies’ I made for 3D animation studio SPYDAWICK. Sketches 1 were inspired by animals and demonology concept that demons possess physical objects to feel, and as a result each new victim added ‘patches’ to the base form. Concept 2a, 2b, 2c explored different body types, plus included more subtle reference to hyenas, which shared the habitat of the creatures. Keywords for them were: organic, brutal, tribal, powerful, crude, submissive

Maya grishanowitch draka kah var4

Concept 2b

Maya grishanowitch draka kah var3

Concept 2a

Maya grishanowitch draka hak var3 version2

Concept 2b variations

Maya grishanowitch draka kah bodyvariations

Sketches 1