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Slavic Folklore Challenge | Simargl

Simargl is an obscure and ambiguous deity, due to its ancient origin and an amalgamation with other deities, as the ages went by. On one hand, Simargl belongs to fire domain and acts as an intercessor between gods and mortals; on the other hand, he is presented as a patron of vegetation, protecting crops and plants. According to some sources he appears as a winged hound with a serpentine tail. Another slavic deity of Sun and Vegetation - Yarylo - often has a pack of 40 wolves as his entourage. In the belief system of Arkhangelsk province the wolves were replaced by sighthounds. Due to the similar ‘field of influence’, I considered it not unseemly to ‘borrow’ a sighthound as a representation of Simargl as a preliminary concept. The origins of a bullterrier variation are rooted in the fact that I wanted to play around with the leather texture of the wings, as opposed to the feathery one, making them more fire-suitable (as dragon-wings, for example).

Maya grishanowitch semargl white sm
Maya grishanowitch semargl dark sm
Maya grishanowitch semargl white closeup
Maya grishanowitch t8ihpknbljk

Preliminary concept - feathers vs. leather