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Running with Rats

My fanart for Falka (aka Ciri), inspired by a dada collage. By the by, dada technique is rather useful for a raw concept, for it gives one an interesting and an unexpected result in a short amount of time.

Sabatons are totally inconvenient. Precisely, the whole armour would not have a right to exist, if it were a concept art piece; but it is an illustration, and the ruling point is a pattern and a rhyme, rather than usability. Therefore, bear with the ridiculous footwear, for it provides a ‘material’ rhyme :)

Maya grishanowitch falka v1 hq

Var. 1

Maya grishanowitch falka progress inline


Maya grishanowitch falka progress

Process - in action

Maya grishanowitch falka v2 hq

Var. 2

Maya grishanowitch cirimistle

First step - dada collage