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Character Design - Cibelle

A test assignment for a film *. The task was to design a character in an environment, face prescribed, as well as a loose dress style. A detailed description: The 20-30 years old, beautiful and sex-appealing woman, dark-haired; the hair updo consists of braids and cloth, based on the reference. The luxurious dress, any colour but red. The scene features Cibelle standing in front of a large window of a medieval castle with candle chandeliers on the walls. Full moon is illuminating the poison bottle (predesigned), that she is holding. Cibelle is looking at the bottle, trying to find a way out.
* The information, concerning the company and the project is available upon request

Maya grishanowitch mgrishanowitch scenev2

In environment v.2

Maya grishanowitch mgrishanowitch scenev1

In environment v.1

Maya grishanowitch mgrishanowitch hair concept

Hair concepts

Maya grishanowitch dress combined web

Dress concepts

Maya grishanowitch scenery main bw

In environment, black and white

Maya grishanowitch mgrishanowitch sketches

Character and environment preliminary sketches