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Slavic Folklore Challenge | Ichetik

Ichetik is a vindictive spirit of a baby (‘ichetik’ is consonant with a word "İćętîk" of Pechorian dialekt, which means ‘a little one’), whose death was caused by drowning, usually by its parents’ hands. It abides in deep rivers or swamps, with all kinds of slimy water reptiles for a company. When you hear a baby crying in the woods beware to be lead astray by a pitiful sound; instead of saving a soul you may meet the embrace of a gurgling swamp and a merry childish laughter, that ends with a croak, will be the last thing you hear.

Maya grishanowitch ichetik closeup
Maya grishanowitch ichetik sm v2
Maya grishanowitch ichetik wip colour

Palette variations

Maya grishanowitch ichetick spots wip

Coat variations

Maya grishanowitch ichetik sketches and anatomy

Sketches (pose and legs anatomy)